Saddleback Mountain Southern Lookout


Gareth presenting cheque for Saddleback lookout 2


Official Opening of the Viewing Platform

Our Grateful thanks to Elev 8 aerial images and NEG photography for many of the images included in this video


Here is a slideshow of photos taken at the opening


The Official Opening of the Southern Saddleback Lookout by Gareth Ward MP – Member for Kiama, Councillor Mark Honey – Mayor of Kiama and David Chambers – President Rotary Club of Kiama occurred on Saturday 10 December.

This project celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the original Saddleback Mountain northern lookout which was a joint venture between Kiama Council and Kiama Rotarians, and dedicated to the memory of past Rotarians.  Funding for the restoration has been provided by the NSW State Government and work have been undertaken by Kiama Rotarians and friends and Kiama Council.

This project is just the latest of many community projects undertaken by Kiama Rotary since its inception in 1952.  Rotarians have been involved with Saddleback Mountain since the mid 1950’s when they assisted Council in clearing and building the first road to the summit. 

Other significant community projects Kiama Rotary has been involved with over the decades include: Construction of Kiama Scout Hall in 1952, Saddleback northern lookout opened in 1966, Saddleback southern lookout opened in 1978, Kiama Stone Wall Markers and Old Saddleback Road stone walls restoration during the 1990s and the opening of Robert East Reserve in 2008.

This project continues 64 years of dedicated service in the local community and many thanks go out to family and friends who have supported us along the way. Long may it continue.

Letter of Congratulations received from a member of the public

Hi David,
Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Rotary and yourself for all the effort and work involved in completing the new lookout at Saddleback mountain. I was up there yesterday with my family and have spent many years running and hiking around Saddleback /
Barren Grounds. Seeing Foxground and the escarpment from that new perspective was amazing and was only possible thanks to the work of Kiama Rotarians (hope I got that right!) I can’t imagine the hours that went into lugging that timber and gravel into place.
It’s always great to learn how people give back to their community through organisations like SES or Rotary.
Thanks again and keep up the good work. Please feel free to pass on my thanks to Kiama Rotary more broadly.
Daniel Pridham
Leading Firefighter
Chester Hill Fire Station


And this is a slideshow of photos taken during the building phase of the Project

Update at 26 November 16

Viewing Platform finished and ready for business

Thanks to Trevor and his team of helpers, the viewing platform and fence were completed this week. The opening of the Southern Lookout will take place at 1:00pm on Saturday 10th December.

Well done to all those who have carted materials, cut and laid the timber for the edges, shovelled and levelled the road base, concreted the footings and the final few steps, organised with council and suppliers…and so on.

This is another great local community project that can proudly bear the name ‘Rotary’ – great job!

dsc04078 dsc04079

Update at 17 November 16

Mostly tidying up and painting today.

We now have a picnic table in the shade thanks to the Council.  We also have a painted frame for the platform.  Still waiting on the Platform fence so we can put the floor and the fence in at the same time.


Update at 10 November 16

Concrete pour went well today, had to bucket the concrete the last 10-12 m


Update at 18 October 16

After a big day, we now have the frame up for the viewing platform.  Many, many thanks to Alan Harradine, Bruce Powell, Jim Henry, Peter Maitland and Noel Edgell.  A long day but very rewarding.  A couple of photos from the viewing platform attached as a reminder as to why we are doing this. Still more to do, so back up there on Thursday again.


 Update at 13 September 16

Today the last and 53rd step has been placed.  Onto the Viewing Platform now.  The step with the yellow on it is the start level of the platform.  And we also had another local visit the storage shed today

dsc03954 dsc03956 dsc03953

Update at 6 September 16

Work is progressing well with only 5 crucial and very steep metres to go on building the path for the Southern Saddleback Lookout. The next phase will be installing the viewing platform. Not too long now before we are able to show off the amazing view down across Foxground and Seven Mile Beach that has been lost for a number of years.

dsc03936 dsc03938 dsc03942 dsc03940 dsc03941 dsc03939 dsc03937 dsc03935

Update at 25 July 16

A number of members are working on this project to build a path and new lookout at the Saddleback Mountain Southern Lookout. We have completed more than 30m of the track, and have approx the same amount to go until we get to the “easy bit” – the steps!
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